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Butt Markers

Shotgun Silver Butt/Peg Markers
Set of Eight 
Fully Hallmarked
Length: 17¾cm / 6¾"
Real Leather Case

Numbered on the back 

Set of Ten also available
Please email/call for details 

£ 595.00
Silver Bird Beakers
Fully Hallmarked
Height: 10cm
Diameter: 7.5cm
£350 per beaker

Please email/phone for availability usually always kept in stock 
Available as a set of four/six/eight in a fitted box. 
To see close up of each beaker go to Birds section of website and there are detailed pictures of each beaker
They can be purchased there as well 
The set of eight can be engraved with numbers on the base to act as peg markers. Quick shot, and then see which peg you have drawn.
Snipe, Woodcock,Pheasant, Duck,Grouse, Partridge