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Geoffrey BELLAMY

Geoffrey Guy Bellamy: born 1922 died 1997. Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. He often stamped his pieces with a facsimile signature.In 1940 when he was 18 he joined the RAF and served until the end of the war flying Lancasters in 405 squadron before moving on to the Pathfinder force where he won the DFC and bar. He lost 2 crews, one while on sick-leave recovering from a flak wound, the other while he was seconded elsewhere, and flew 112 missions. After the war he studied at the Birmingham College of Art from 1946-1950 and then at the Royal College of Art from 1950-1953 graduating the same year as younger colleagues Gerald Benney and David Mellor. He and Mellor were the first two students to win first class honours in the silver degree course and all of the younger students admired him. Eric Clements was there at the same time and Robert Welch graduated in 1955, all of them being taught by Robert Goodden. Bellamy started his own one-man workshop in London in a small basement beneath a dry-cleaner's in Cadogan Street making small items, some for the retailer George Tarratt in Leicester. With Ivan Tarratt they formed Bellamy & Tarratt, a production silver company which lasted until 1959. He then did some designs for A E Jones. Bellamy won a Design Centre Award in 1961 for his "Monte Carlo" cutlery, made by George Wolstenholm in Sheffield. Before 1964 he joined the Council of Industrial Design as Industrial Liason Officer for silver and the allied industries, his job being to encourage good designs. Bellamy enjoyed teaching and became Head of the Sheffield College of Art and then Principal at Canterbury and Maidstone.
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Geoffrey Bellamy

London 1957

Width: 10 cm

£ 175.00
GEOFFREY BELLAMY Silver 'Rocker' Dish
London 1956
Retailed by Parker, Altrincham
Length: 10cm
Width: 6.5cm
£ 195.00
Geoffrey Bellamy
London 1956
Commissioned by George Tarratt
Box width: 24 cm

Engraved on box plaque:Ald. A Halkyard Lord Mayor of LeicesterEngraved on dishes:Presented by Symington, Prince and Pike, A/F/F.R.I.B.AAld. A Halkyard CB, MC, TD, DL, LLB. Sheringham House June 23rd 1956
£ 450.00
GEOFFREY BELLAMY Silver Taperstick Holder
Geoffrey Bellamy
London 1957
Length: 11 cm
Height: 3 cm
Two available

Retailed by Boodle & Dunthorne Liverpool
£ 250.00
Pair Silver Cufflinks
Birmingham 1963
Makers marks of retailer George Tarratt
Designed by G Bellamy 
£ 120.00
Silver Beaker
London 1958
Geoffrey Bellamy
Height: 10cm
Diameter: base: 5cm
Diameter top: 6.25cm

£295 each
Six Available

£ 295.00
Silver Boxed Spoons
Sheffield 1959
Geoffrey Bellamy
Length: 7.5cm
(This set in a Liberty of London silk lined box)

Bellamy won a Design Centre Award in 1961 for his "Monte Carlo" cutlery, made by George Wolstenholm in Sheffield.Click image to enlarge
£ 150.00
Silver Chamberstick
London 1957
Geoffrey Bellamy
Length: 10cm

Height: 6cm

£ 250.00
Silver Fish Dish
Geoffrey Bellamy
London 1957
Width: 9.4 cm

Two Available 
£ 160.00
Silver 'Monte Carlo' Spoon
Geoffrey Bellamy
Sheffield 1961
length 9.6 cm

Bellamy won a Design Centre Award in 1961 for his "Monte Carlo" cutlery, made by George Wolstenholm in Sheffield.
£ 29.00