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Menu Holders

Boxed Silver Game Bird Menu Holders
Birmingham 1912
Base Length: 4cm

£ 550.00
Christopher Lawrence Silver Menu Holders
Set of 4 Silver Menu/Place Card Holders

Christopher Lawrence

London 1984
£ 395.00
Eight Silver Menu Holders
Eight Silver Menu Holders
London 1976
Stuart Devlin
Height: 2cm
Length: 4cm

£ 750.00
GRANT MACDONALD Silver Gilt Menu Holder
London 1977
Width: 5.3 cm

Part of Grant Macdonald's first major commission

£ 98.00
GRANT MACDONALD Silver Menu Holder
London 1978
Width: 4.5 cm

Part of Grant's first major commission 

£ 98.00
GRANT MACDONALD Silver Menu Holders
London 1978
Height: 4cm 
£ 120.00
Set of Six Cast Silver Menu Holders
Fully Hallmarked 

Can have any combination 
Please email/call for availability and current price 

STUART DEVLIN Silver Menu Holder
London 1977

£ 120.00
Theo Fennell 8 Silver Fish Menu Holders
Boxed Set of 8 Silver Fish Menu/Place Card Holders
Theo Fennell
London 1982
4.3 cm high

In original Alfred Dunhill Ltd box
£ 695.00