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Old Candlesticks

ADRIAN HOPE Pair Silver Candlesticks
Edinburgh 1995

Height: 31.5cm
Diameter: 12cm (base)

With presentation inscription:

Stuart Maxwell: Warden 1979 - 1994 From the incorporation of Goldsmiths of Edinburgh

Stuart Maxwell (1922-2012) joined the Museum of Antiquities in Edinburgh in 1947 and worked tirelessly for the Scottish museums until he retired in 1982. His work on Scottish Silver was responsible for the fine collections in many of the Scottish Museums. He was a Freeman and later Warden for The Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh.

ANTHONY ELSON Silver Candlesticks
London 1980
Height: 14 cm
£ 895.00
ANTHONY ELSON Silver Candlesticks
London 1977
Designed by Anthony Elson for Garrard
Height: 23cm
Diameter: 8½cm
£ 950.00
AURUM Silver 'SAVE THE CHILDREN' Candleholder
London 1979

Just Candleholder

This was the  26th  item of 58 made for John Sutherland-Hawes' Aurum Designs


Engraved to base:


Edition of:                              1500

Designer:                    John Sutherland-Hawes & Tim Minett

Maker:                        Raymond Crisp

Sponsor’s Mark:          Am

Weight:                      7.25oz

Height:                       11.3 cm                                   Cost new:        £182

£ 195.00
BRIAN ASQUITH Pair Silver Candlesticks
Sheffield 1972/3
Height 7 cm
£ 890.00
BRIAN ASQUITH Silver Vase - Candlestick
Sheffield 1971

Height: 10.5 cm
Width: 12 cm

Top pricket candle holder can be removed to make it into a vase

£ 695.00
CLIVE BURR Large Silver Candlestick
London 1989

Height: 52 cm
Diameter of Marble Base: 19 cm

Weight of Silver: 856 gms

£ 1,500.00
DEREK BIRCH Silver & Acrylic Candlesticks
Birmingham 1973

7.5 cm 

Silver Mounted Acrylic Candlesticks
Double Centenary Hallmark

Derek Birch (1941-2011) studied at the Birmingham School of Jewellery and Silversmithing and then Birmingham College of Art 1957-62 and Royal College of Art 1962-5. Established a workshop in Lincoln and received many important commissions for the City of Lincoln and three presented to the Queen. He returned to Birmingham in the late 1960's and taught full time - among his many students was Theresa Nguyen who holds him in high regard - "An inspiring teacher and mentor" He continued designing and making while teaching and retired from the Birmingham School of Jewellery and Silversmithing in 2006.

2 pairs available

£ 120.00
ERIC CLEMENTS Pair Silver Candlesticks
London 1957

Designed by Eric Clements
Hand raised by Len Burt

Height: 17 cm
Diameter Top: 7 cm
Diameter Base: 9.5 cm

Leonard W Burt had worked for Omar Ramsden and was a very fine craftsman and made up several of Clement's designs in the 1950's.
£ 1,750.00
GERALD BENNEY Silver Candelabra
London 1973
Height: 46cm
Width: 22cm
£ 6,950.00
GERALD BENNEY Silver Pricket Candleholder
London 1963
Height: 17 cm
Diameter of base: 14 cm

Provenence: The Janet and Gerald Benney Silver Collection
£ 1,450.00
GERALD BENNEY Silver Taperstick Holder
Sheffield 1962

E Viner

Designed by Gerald Benney
(Viners engraved 'Designed by Gerald Benny'
Gerald came in our shop many years ago and said "They paid me all that money but couldn't spell my name right!"
Consultant designer for Viner 1959-69

Diameter: 13cm

Original box

£ 250.00
GRAHAM STEWART Pair Silver Candlesticks
Edinburgh 2002

Height; 11.5 cm
Width base: 9.5 cm

Weight: 34.5 oz

£ 1,450.00
GRAHAM STEWART Silver Candlesticks
Edinburgh 2005

Height: 13.7 cm
Diameter Base: 11.4 cm

£ 995.00
GRAHAM WATLING Silver Candlestick
London 1980
Height: 11 cm
Diameter: 5cm

This candlestick is illustrated in my book 'Designer British Silver' page 479
£ 350.00
JULIE CHAMBERLAIN Silver Candlestick
London 1993

Designed by Julie Chamberlain
For Garrard and Co

Facsmile engraved signature

Height: 17cm
Weight: 16oz

Julie Chamberlain was born in 1958 and studied 3D Design and Silversmithing at Middlesex University before going to the Royal College of Art in 1981. She set up her own workshop in London in 1984

In 1993 Garrard and Co celebrated 150 years as the Crown Jewellers with an exhibition of their designers since 1925 and 17 contemporary silversmiths. This was one of the exhibits and bears the special 150 under a Crown Hallmark.

£ 295.00
KEITH REDFERN Pair Silver Candlesticks
Pair Silver Gilt and Marble Candlesticks
Silver Workshop Ltd
London 1969
Diameter base: 7.5 cm
Height: 4 cm

Designed by Keith Redfern

Keith Redfern was born in Sheffield in 1935 and studied at the College of Art there before the Royal College of Art. He worked for David Mellor and Elkington before becoming a partner in Silver Workshop in the early 1960's with two RCA contemporaries Ronald Steven and Tony Laws. When they stopped trading in 1972 he became Head of 3D Design at Hornsey College of Art and established Keith Redfern Designs.
£ 495.00
Martyn Pugh 'Curve 'Candlesticks
Birmingham 2000
(Millennium Hallmark)
Height; 22 cm

Limited Edition of 100 designed and made for George Pragnell, Stratford on Avon (also retailed by George Tarratt, Leicester)
£ 795.00
Pair Cast Silver Candelabra
Birmingham 1966/74

 J B Chatterley & Sons Ltd

Height: 29 cm

Weight: 81 oz

Can also be used as a pair of candlestick without the branches 
£ 2,950.00
Pair Silver Candelabra
Birmingham 1972

Bishton's Ltd

Height:23 cm

Width: 21.5 cm

£ 195.00
Pair Silver Candelabra
Birmingham 1972

Barker Ellis & Co

Height: 28.5 cm
Width: 28.5 cm

Weight of branches 33 oz

Can also be used as a pair of candlesticks without the branches

£ 1,250.00
Pair Silver Candelabra
London 1975/6  

John Henry Odell

Height: 28 cm
Width: 29 cm

Weight of branches: 27 oz

£ 1,250.00
Pair Silver Candlesticks
Sheffield 1906

Hawkes Eyresworth & Co

Height: 17 cm
Base: 10 cm

£ 695.00
Pair Silver Candlesticks
Sheffield 1906

Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd

Height: 30 cm
Width base: 14 cm

£ 1,250.00
Pair Silver Corinthian Column Candlesticks
Birmingham 1990

Broadway & Co

Height: 31 cm
Base: 12.5 cm


PETER BIRD Silver Centrepiece
London 1978

Width: 2.5 cm
Height: 7 cm

£ 250.00
ROBERT WELCH Silver 6 Branch Candelabra
London 1978
Height: 25.5 cm
Width: 23 cm
Weight: 761 gms

I have had the smaller version before but have never seen this large size before

£ 3,750.00
ROBERT WELCH Silver Candelabra
London 1977
Height: 13.5cm
Width: 15.5cm

£ 1,950.00
Robert WELCH Silver 'Dumbbell' Candlesticks
London 1975
Height 14 cm
Diameter of  top 7.5cm

£ 1,500.00
STUART DEVLIN Pair Silver Candlesticks
London 1975

Height: 26 cm

£ 2,950.00
STUART DEVLIN Pair Silver Candlesticks
London 1973
Height: 36cm

£ 3,950.00
WALLACE SMYTH Silver Candelabra
Sheffield 1990

Height: 54 cm
Width: 39 cm

Weight: 74 oz

Matt silver finish with crisp fret cut decoration

Wallace Smyth was born in Dinnington, Sheffield in 1911. At 14 he won a scholarship to a local Art School. In 1927 he started his career at Mappin and Webb, ultimately becoming Head of Design. Later he lectured at Chesterfield College of Art and continued freelance design and silversmithing into his 90's.The New Hawley Gallery at Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield, opened to the public with its first exhibition featuring the 'life and designs of Wallace Smyth who will be 100 years old this February'.
£ 1,750.00