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Phillip Kydd

Phillip Kydd
Phillip undertook a pre-apprenticeship course at Medway College of Art in 1976 before studying silversmithing at Birmingham. He established his own studio and workshop in 1981 and works near Bristol. In 1994 he won the Best Design in Silver at the UK Jewellery Awards and has produced work for Royalty, Heads of State and 'A' List Celebrities.
PHILLIP KYDD Silver 'Radiance' Bowl
Phillip Kydd
Diameter: 20cm

Not always kept in stock please contact us for information 

PHILLIP KYDD Silver 'Radiance' Bowls

Diameter: 1/ 4 inch  -  2/ 6 inch -  3/ 8 inch

Width:      1/ 7 inch  - 2/ 22 inch -  3/ 29 inch

Price:        1/  £1950 -  2/ £3500 - 3/  £4500

Usually kept in stock - please phone for current price and availability

Silver iphone Case
London iPhone Case Sterling silver, available plain or engine turned

Silver Memory Stick  £120

Not always kept in sock please contact us for details