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Rebecca Joselyn

In 2006 Rebecca Joselyn achieved a BA Honours at Sheffield Hallam University, a Precious Metal Bursary Award from the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and joined the Silversmith Starter Programme at Persistence Works, Sheffield.In 2007 she won a Gold Award from the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council followed by the Newcomer Award from Craftsman Magazine at the British Trade Craft Fair.In 2008 she won a Crafts Council Development Award.She has already been on BBC Radio Sheffield and featured in numerous trade and craft journals. Her work has been exhibited at Goldsmiths Hall; Millennium Galleries, Sheffield; Islington Design Centre, London; Persistence Works, Sheffield; Art in Action and many other craft fairs.Rebecca Joselyn explores the function of the objects she is creating. She is interested in how people interact and handle different objects. She likes her designs to have individual personalities and almost have a ‘human' feel to them. A complimentary strand of her work shows the interest in the unwanted throwaway packaging with its negative impact on our environment. Environmental concerns are topical and in response to this she has developed a range of contemporary silver tableware ‘baskets' and ‘bags' as objects for display and use within the home. She looks at the materials we take for granted and discard from day to day, her tableware questions how using different materials can change our views on objects and their acceptance within society.
Contemporary Design Silver 'Crushed Can'  Cream Jug
Rebecca Joselyn (see Contemporary Section for more information)
Height: 8.5cm (approx)

£ 795.00
REBECCA JOSELYN 'Jerry Can' Hip Flask
Fully Hallmarked Silver 
Rebecca Jocelyn
Height: 11cm
£ 795.00
REBECCA JOSELYN Silver "Oil" Oil Can
Fully Hallmarked Silver
Rebecca Joselyn
Height: 10cm

A fun way to serve your olive oil or salad dressing.The top unscrews to allow for filling and cleaning out.(please note the handle doesn't pump, the oil is pored out)
£ 795.00
Fully Hallmarked
Height: 9.8 cm
Diameter top: 8 cm

Made in the form of a disposable coffee beaker

Heavy gauge silver
£ 850.00
REBECCA JOSELYN Silver Packet Flower Vases
Rebecca Jocelyn (See or contemporary section for more details)

Height: 4.5cm

Height: 9cm

Height: 12cm
Width: 8.5cm

Please call or email to check availability and choose the size

Ringpull Silver Salt and Pepper
With Ring Pull Spoons
Fully Hallmarked Silver 
Diameter: 65 mm
£ 540.00
Silver 'Bag' Vase
Fully Hallmarked 
Rebecca Joselyn

Small bag vase: 14cm x 12cm £840

Med bag vase: 17cm x 20cm  £1350

Usually kept in stock please phone//email to check availability 

Silver Crushed Can
Rebecca Joselyn
Height: 8cm

£ 690.00
Silver Crushed Can Candlestick

Rebecca Joselyn

Not always kept in sytock please call for current price and availability 

Silver 'Oil' Jug
Rebecca Joselyn
Sheffield Fully
Made in Britannia Silver (958)
Height: 17.5cm
Diameter: 10.5cm
Weight: 508g
Holds a pint

£ 1,750.00
Silver Salmon/Tuna Tin
Rebecca Joselyn
with spoon
Diameter: 9cm

£ 780.00
Silver Sardine Tin Mustard Pot
Rebecca Joselyn
Length: 9.5cm

£ 795.00
Silver Straw

Fully Hallmarked 
Length: 20cm
£ 125.00
Sugar Bowl and Spoon
Rebecca Joselyn
Modelled on a corned beef tin.
Height: 5.5cm
Length: 13.5cm
Width: 5.5cm
Spoon 11cm

(Spoon can be purchased separately) 
£ 750.00