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Sarah Jones studied history of medieval art at the University of East Anglia before working for the Greater London Arts Association. In the early 1970's they sent her to interview the ecclesiastical silversmith Michael Murray for their magazine, and he insisted that she make something, a ring, which she sold for £12. This inspired her to take part time training with him before renting a workshop next door in Clerkenwell. Camden Lock Market opened in 1974 and she had a stall there for 8 years, and also exhibited at Goldsmiths' Fair in 1975. In 1979 the Queen, who has the world's largest collection of Faberge flowers, visited Goldsmiths' Hall and Sarah was commissioned to make a presentation piece featuring a rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock. She opened a shop in the City in 1980 next to the Guildhall and was so successful, employing up to 8 craftsmen, that she opened another shop in Piccadilly in 1986. Both shops were closed by 2000. She has had many major commissions from Livery Companies and for the Queen and the Queen Mother.
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SARAH JONES Silver and Enamel Bluebells
Sarah Jones
London 1983
Height: 12 cm
£ 595.00
Silver Frog
Sarah Jones
London 19883 cm

£ 98.00
SARAH JONES Silver Ladle
Silver Duck Head Ladle
Sarah Jones
London 1983
11.5 cm
£ 175.00
Sarah Jones Silver Ladle
London 1993
Sarah Jones
Length: 13cm

£ 250.00
SARAH JONES Silver Letter Opener
Silver Dolphin Letter Opener
Sarah Jones
London 1988
21 cm
£ 275.00
SARAH JONES Silver Mouse Dish
London 1984
Diameter: 10cm 
£ 295.00
SARAH JONES Silver Otter
Sarah Jones
London 1981
Length: 3.5 cm
£ 145.00
SARAH JONES Silver Pig Box
London 1985
Height: 3.4 cm

£ 220.00
SARAH JONES Silver Port Label
London 1984
Width: 5cm 
£ 295.00
SARAH JONES Silver Rocking Horse
Sarah Jones
London 1989
Length: 6 cm
£ 240.00
Sarah Jones
London 1983
3.8 cm 
£ 125.00
SARAH JONES Silver Stick Pin
Sarah Jones
London 1985
6 cm
£ 49.00
Silver Letter Opener
Sarah Jones
London 1982
12.5 cm
£ 195.00