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William Lee

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William LeeAll William's pieces are made from one piece of silver, and are totally made by hand hammering. They are then ornamented by hammering, without addition or reduction. He is probably the leading hand hammerer of all the contemporary Silversmiths.He was named the 2003 Young Silversmith of the year, and graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 2004. He worked with Hiroshi Suzuki the leading contemporary designer silversmith until starting on his own. His work is found in several City Livery Companies; the V&A; Philadelphia Museum of Art; Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum.Artists Statement "Basic concept of design in the early stage was the image of the fluid - such as a drop of liquid and air movement on the silver surface. With regards to this concept, my intention was to express the energy of the inside, the power of nature and the change of the fluid by gravity, not controllable by human. Recent works have been shifting to more conceptual and to experimenting expansion the design boundary from ceramic form grafting onto metal works. I construct innovated forms and surface inspired by oriental traditional philosophy. This experiment shows the possibility of the expansion in the metal inspiration."