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Wine and Sauce Labels

BRIAN FULLER Silver Port Label

London 1997
Width: 5.5 cm
In original box
£ 250.00
BRYONY KNOX Queen of Hearts Silver Wine Label

7cm by 7cm

Hand Raised and Chased 

Can be engraved with name of your choice
£ 195.00
JOHN DONALD Silver Burgundy Label

London 1967
Britannia Standard
Diameter: 6 cm

Commissioned by the Wine Label Circle
With removable silver plaque

John Alistair Donald was born in 1928 and studied jewellery at the Royal College of Art. He is considered to be one of the leading Post War British jewellers although he did produce some silver items.
£ 295.00
LESLIE DURBIN Silver Sherry Label
London 1953
Coronation Hallmark

Length: 6½cm

Commissioned by Wine Merchants Saccone & Speed to commemorate the Coronation

£ 195.00
Pair Silver Wine Lables
Birmingham 1795
Joseph Taylor

£ 295.00
See Wine Related Section
Silver Bucellas Label
Birmingham 1835
Josepth Willmore

£ 145.00
Silver Hock Wine Label
Phipps and Robinson 
£ 195.00
Silver Hollands Wine Label
London 1798
Phipps and Robinson

£ 150.00
Silver Lisbon Label
London 1837
Rawlings and Summer

£ 165.00
Silver Madeira Label
London 1811
Phipps/ Robinson / Phipps

£ 165.00
Silver Madiera Label
London 1827
Sebastan Crespell II
Length: 5cm (label)

£ 275.00
Silver Port Label
London 2008

Margaret Bolton
(Michael's wife)

Width: 7 cm

Set with a cabochon Garnet
£ 195.00
Slver Port Wine Label
London 1840
Rawlings and Sumner

Port piecred out of label

£ 125.00