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The evolution continued with the assistance of the craftsmen who had gone before: Brian Fuller (7) had worked with Wakely and Wheeler before becoming Benney's manager - Christopher Lawrence with R E Stone before he too became Benney's workshop manager. Alan Evans had also been with Stone before enamelling for Benney. Desmond Clen-Murphy worked with Benney before setting up his own workshop in Brighton. Silversmithing, as in all art, uses the past masters to build a new future. However, coming in at a tangent was architect Louis Osman (1914-1996). His friend Gerald Benney had asked him to judge a competition at Goldsmiths Hall and felt all the entries were dreadful and that he could do better himself. So Osman became a goldsmith as well as continuing his successful career as an architect. Michael Bolton (1938-2005) (8) is another who came to silversmithing late and was self taught.