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A major innovation to silver decoration at this time was Gerald Benney's use of a textured "bark" like finish (9). It has been said that his son Jonathon used one of his father's planishing hammers to 'mend' his bicycle and returned the hammer to the work bench. When Gerald next used the hammer it had been so damaged that it left an impression on the metal. He liked the surface decoration it created so he developed it to a full and natural conclusion. Of a chalice that Benney produced in 1957, Graham Hughes later wrote that this was "the world's first piece of modern textured silver." This is a signature of much of Benney's work although he did produce other fine work, particularly with the use of enamels. Within a few years the texturing effect was common place among smaller commercial companies in London, Birmingham and Sheffield as well as other designer-craftsmen who developed their own variations on a textured theme.