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Others tried again without success like Charles Boyton (1885-1958) who had to close in 1949 due to lack of demand for luxury items and his Art Deco style was becoming less popular. As we moved into the 1950's designers and craftsmen were looking for something new and both the Royal College of Art and the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London created an ideal breeding ground for some new talent. There was a feeling of optimism among these students with the Festival of Britain in 1951 encouraging modern design followed by the Coronation two years later. Professor Robert Goodden at the RCA was a catalyst for this and had some bright new stars under him including Eric Clements (b 1925), Gerald Benney (b 1930), Robert Welch (1929-2000), David Mellor (b 1930), Geoffrey Bellamy (1922-1997) (2), Anthony Hawksley (1921-1991) then later Stuart Devlin (b 1931), among many other notables.