(Code: 1884)
Industrial design was encouraged in line with Government guidelines at the time so many of these students spent some time in the factories of Sheffield. Welch went to the cutlers George Wolstenholme, as had contemporary Geoffrey Bellamy; Mellor to Walker and Hall and Benney, (then later Devlin), to Viners. Here they were all able to combine the quest for the new with the functionality of use and the practicality of manufacture. Cutlery and other holloware items were later produced by these Companies not only in silver, but also in silver-plate and often in stainless steel, and many of them became Consultant Designers to these companies. Eric Clements designed for Mappin and Webb - Anthony Elson (b 1935) with William Comyns - Christopher Lawrence (b 1936) for C J Vander - Alex Styles (b 1922) (3) for Garrard's -and so the list goes on. Some, like Yorkshireman Brian Asquith (1930-2008) (4), made a name for himself in silversmithing yet also designed in many completely different fields. This led to many of these designer-craftsmen being able to set up independent and successful workshops under their own steam. Another silversmith from Yorkshire, Graham Watling (d 1996) (5), had a very strong independent streak like Asquith and spent many years working in Lacock, Wiltshire.