Discover our silver animal figures and ornaments

Get a brand new animal miniature for your decoration or collection

We offer a wide selection of sterling silver ornaments of animals. All of those ornaments are made in Britain and are hallmarked.
Being hallmarked indicates the quality and the purity of sterling silver, especially on collectable items.  Our delightful range of sterling silver miniature of animals includes more than fifty types of animals, from the most common to the rarer.
For instance, you will find saturno silver animals and many more birds but also felines and catlike silver figures.  In order to provide you with more variety, we also offer badgets or sterling silver elephant ornaments that will allow you to compose a stylish and original decoration in your home, flat or office.
You get get either a modern and contemporary silver figurine of animals of an excpetional quality and pick between our 50 silver animal categories to have your favorite animal in a beuatiful silver ornament. 
You will find a wide range of silver sterling animal fugurines and sculptures such as the common pets (cats and kittens, dogs, fishes or even tortoises), farm animals (cows, bulls, horses, goats, and so on), less common animals (hedgehogs, frogs, squirrels, and mice). You will even finbd silver sterling animal figurines ans miniatures that you do not see every day such as kangarros, koala, hippopotamus, tigers, whales and much more! 
Find the perfect silver animal sculpture according to your intention: you can gift a ladybird to someone you want to bring luck, a lion to someone you want to give strength, ans so on. 
As a Lapada member (Association of Art and Antiques Dealers), we assure you the best silver quality on all our items for sale. Indeed, all our silver made animal figurines and sculptures are hallmarked to prove you and testisfy the quality. 
Discover our range of silver birds sculptures, but also our selection of christening presents such as the christening mugs ans cups