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Cream Jug

Silver Cream Jug

Chester 1896
£ 120.00
Silver Cream Jug

Sheffield 1964
Height: 9cm
£ 145.00
ANTHONY ELSON Silver Cream Jug
London 1966
Height: 10cm

Part of a large commission for Barclays Bank DCO dining room. 
Anthony bought the ecclesiastical firm Blunt & Wray with 15 employees to produce this service, his first large commission.

£ 250.00
London 1988

Height: 8 cm
Width: 12 cm

Anton Pruden is the grandson of Dunstan Pruden and works in Ditchling, Sussex
£ 350.00
London 1984

Height: 10.5 cm

£ 250.00
I FREEMAN & Co Ltd Silver Jug
London 1957

Width: 212 cm
Height: 8 cm

A striking Post War design

£ 250.00
Martyn Pugh Silver Cream Churn
Birmingham 1994
Gold Gilt inside 
Height 21cm
£ 950.00
REBECCA JOSELYN Silver 'Crushed Can'  Cream Jug
Fully Hallmarked Silver in Sheffield 

Height: 8.5cm (approx)

Please phone for availability

RICHARD FOX Silver 'Riviera' Jug
Fully Hallmarked

The jugs have Olive wood handles and are made in sterling silver with 24ct hard gold plate interior.An example was purchased by The Goldsmiths' Company for their Modern Silver collection.Riviera Jugs - named because the front reminds him of the bow of a ship - indulgence and boats reminds him of the French Riviera

Available in Four Sizes
Miniature 9.5cm POA
Small 12.5cm £1400
Medium 17cm £2375
Large £9000

Not always kept in stock please email for availability 
SHONA MARSH Silver Jug/Vase
Birmingham Hallmark

Height: 14cm

Diameter: 4.5cm

£ 295.00
Silver 'Cat that Got the Cream' Jug
Fully Hallmarked Silver in Sheffield 
Height: 13cm
Weight: 275g

£ 595.00
Silver Cream Jug
Birmingham 1906
Height: 7cm

£ 110.00
Silver Cream Jug
Birmingham 1904
Height: 9cm

£ 145.00
Silver Cream Jug
London 1897
Height: 8cm
Length: 12cm

£ 195.00
Silver Cream Jug

London 1924
Mappin and Webb
Height: 11cm
£ 250.00
Victorian Silver Cream Jug
London 1891
Charles Stuart Harris
Height: 6cm
£ 98.00