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Honey Spoon

Silver Honey Spoon

Sheffield 1930 - 1970
Roberts and Belk
With patent hook
Length: 14cm

£ 98.00
CHARLOTTE DUCKWORTH Silver & Holly Handle Honey Spoon/Ladle
London Hallmark

16 cm

Natural 'Hook' on back of handle

£ 175.00
RICHARD COOK Silver Honey Spoon
London 1994

16.5 cm

Norland pattern

Hand forged by Master craftsman who made all of Stuart Devlin's cutlery

£ 175.00
Silver Honey Drizzle / Dipper
Length: 14.5cm

Not always kept in stock please contact us for availability 

It is gilded in the center of the drizzler to ensure there is no hard to reach tarnish. The handle has a small indent to allow it to balance on the edge of the honey pot to allow the honey to drain back into its Jar.
STUART DEVLIN Silver Squirrel Honey Spoon
London 1981

13.5 cm

The squirrel's tail hook's over the jar to stop it going into the honey

£ 450.00