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Keswick School of Industrial Art

Canon Rawnsley (1851-1920) Vicar of Crosthwaite, near Keswick and a Canon of Carlisle with his wife Edith founded the Keswick School of Industrial Arts as a metalwork class in 1884 following the teachings of John Ruskin and William Morris. In 1893 a new building housed the school and 5 years later Harold Stabler became a full time tutor, then Herbert Maryon, who had been apprenticed to Ashbee, followed by Robert Hilton. In 1931 they started production in stainless steel for Heals and in the 1950's Leslie Durbin was involved for a short time. Hand finished metal work proved a difficult competitor to machine finished work and the School closed in its centenary year, 1984. Although they produced furniture and furnishings, it is for their metalwork that they are mainly remembered for.