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Georg Jensen Silver Beaker

Import Hallamrks 1977
Georg Jensen
Designer : Harald Nielsen 
Height: 10cm
Daimeter: 8cm (top)

£ 495.00
JOCELYN BURTON Pair Silver Candlesticks
London 1983

Height: 26.5 cm

Weight: 35 oz

Original silk lined boxes - Stamped: Charles de Temple 52 Jermyn Street  London SW1

Jocelyn was in partnership with Charles de Temple when she first started - she made gold jewellery that retailed in his Bond Street shop in Street that specialised in avant garde jewellery

£ 2,950.00
Victorian Boxed Silver Canteen
12 Place Setting - 70 Pieces 
London 1843
George Adams

12 Table Spoon 
12 Table Forks 
12 Dessert Spoons 
12 Dessert Forks 
12 Tea Spoons 
1 Basting Spoon, 1 Soup Ladle , 1 Butter Knife 
Pair Sauce Ladles , 4 Salt Spoons 

All 1843 
Except: 1 Dessert Spoon/Fork 1842,  Basting Spoon 1845, Soup Ladle 1862 
But still all George Adams 

£ 4,125.00
A E PITTMAN Silver Coffee Pot
London 1950

Wakely & Wheeler

Height: 25 cm
Total weight: 892g

This was designed by A E Pittman for Payne & Son of Oxford

From the 1930's 'Bertie' Pittman was a partner of Arthur Wakely in the firm of Wakely & Wheeler, and he was also a designer.


AURUM Silver Jersey Sugar Box
London 1978

This was the 23rd item of 58 made for John Sutherland-Hawes' Aurum Designs


Engraved to base:

---/500        *

Certificate signed by D C Dalton President

Edition of:                         500

Designer:                     Hector Miller & Tim Minett

Maker:                         Hector Miller

Maker’s Mark:            HM

Weight:                            oz

Height:                             cm           Cost new: £235   (£496 for Jug & Box)

The Society owes its origins to a suggestion by Lord Chesham, at the Wray Park Sale of May 10th 1878, that the time had arrived to establish a Herd Book for English Jersey Cattle. The response was enthusiastic and upwards of 150 breeders subsequently lent their support. Today, the Society numbers some 1300 members and in April 1979, as it celebrates its Centenary, it will be the recipient of an unique honour, when Her Majesty The Queen accepts its Presidency.

(This was only offered to purchasers of the Jersey Jug)

* The one currently for sale is numbered 32/100 - They had realised by now that they would not get orders for the full 500 so reduced the edition to 100

£ 450.00
'Cat that Got the Cream' Silver  Jug
Fully Hallmarked Silver in Sheffield
Height: 13cm
Weight: 275g

£ 595.00

Circa 1685

Fishing Scene engraved to top 

£ 895.00
George II Silver Tumbler Cup
London 1754

John Payne

Height: 6 cm
Diameter: 7 cm

£ 395.00
KILKENNY DESIGN Silver Sauce Ladle
Dublin 1988

With the special  Hallmark to denote the Dublin City Millennium Year

Length: 15 cm

Two available - £110 each

£ 110.00
LINDSEY MIDDLETON Silver Mounted Wood Bowl
London 1976

Height: 10 cm
Width: 13 cm

A very organic - mushroom shape. Hand raised silver base

Lindsey Middleton studied at High Wycombe College of Art & Technology before proceeding to the Royal College of Art. In 1979 she was teaching at Nene College of Art in Northampton.

The Thames and Hudson Manual of Silversmithing
by Frances Loyen published in 1980 features several illustrations of her work, including similar vessels on page 62.


Malcolm Appleby Silver and Gold Bangle

Crystal Texture
Fully Hallmarked Silver (Edinburgh)
with 18ct Gold Bead 
Diameter: 66mm
Width: 8mm

£ 225.00
MAUREEN EDGAR Silver and Enamel Box
London 1978

Height: 4.5 cm
Width: 6 cm

A very early example of her work - she studied at the Royal College of Art under Gerald Benney from 1977-80

Small chips to enamel on box lid points


Pair Silver Champagne Corks Salt and Pepper

Fully Hallmarked Silver (Sheffield)
Height: 5.5cm
Diameter: 4cm (base)

£ 395.00
Pair Silver Pheasants
London 1987

Asprey & Co

Length Male: 28 cm
Height: 12 5 cm
Total Weight: 30 oz

£ 2,750.00
PATRICK MAVROS Silver Elephant

Height: 6.5 cm
Length: 9 cm
Weight: 466 gms

£ 1,750.00
PATRICK MAVROS Silver Elephant 'Shingwedzi'

Height:  7 cm
Length: 12 cm
Weight: 683 gms

Shingwedzi’s name means ‘the place of ironstone’, which describes the area in Kruger National Park that was his main territory. He was another of the Magnificent Seven. His uneven tusks (a master and servant pair), common in the savannah bush elephant, were his distinguishing marks.

(Current new price: £3100)

£ 2,200.00
ROBERT WELCH 6 Place Silver 'Alveston' Canteen
London 1977

50 Pieces

6 x Dessert Knife, Spoon & Fork - Table Knife & Fork - Soup Spoon - Fish Knife & Fork 
2 Serving Spoons

66 oz + Silver handled knives

Designed by Robert Welch in 1963 and received a Design Award in 1965 and has been in production ever since..

Named after the Cotswold village where he lived this pattern is plentiful in Stainless Steel, now known as RW1, it is rarely found in silver.

£ 4,950.00
London 1977

Height: 12 cm

With enamelled Bumble Bee

£ 695.00
Saturno Silver and Enamel Bee Cufflinks

Fully Hallmarked Silver (Sheffield)

They are hand enamelled and then baked in a kiln.
Making a strong and durable enamel
£ 98.00
Silver and Blue Glass Matchstrike

London 1994
Annabel Jones 
Height: 7.5cm
Diameter: 8cm 

£ 135.00
Silver BRANDY Label
Sheffield 1810

Maker: RG

Width: 6 cm

£ 145.00
Silver 'CHICK' Pepper Pot
London 1911

Maker: WH

Length: 5 cm

£ 275.00
Silver Cream Jug

London 1924
Mappin and Webb
Height: 11cm
£ 250.00
Silver Marrow Scoop
London 1855

Hayne & Cater

22 cm

£ 165.00
Silver Meat Skewer
London 1793

Thomas Northcote

29 cm

£ 195.00
Silver OWL Pepper Pot
Sheffield 1902

Walker & Hall

Height: 8 cm

£ 495.00
Silver Peg - Butt Markers
London 1919

J C Vickery

3.5 x 2.5 cm

8 engraved silver numbers

£ 495.00
Silver PUG
Import Chester 1903

Height: 4 cm

Width: 5 cm

£ 350.00
Silver Quiach

London 1916
Diameter: 120mm
Height: 47mm
Width including handles : 170mm

£ 275.00
Silver Rhino

Fully Hallmarked Silver (Sheffield)
Resin Filled
Length: 165mm
Height: 80mm
£ 185.00
Silver Sauce Tureen

Glasgow 1908
with ladle
Length: 23cm (inc handles)
Height: 12cm (top of handles)
£ 450.00
Silver 'Teapot' Pepper Pot
Chester 1903

Saunders & Shepherd

Width: 6 cm

£ 195.00
SIMON BENNEY Silver Gilt Bangle
London 1997

Width: 2 cm
Across: 6.5 cm

£ 350.00
STUART DEVLIN 6 Silver 'Caryatic' Goblets
London 1973

Height: 20.5 cm
Weight: 53.5 oz

£ 4,950.00
STUART DEVLIN 'CHAMPAGNE' Pattern 6 Place Cutlery Set
London 1972-5

51 oz + silver handled knives

42 Pieces
6 x - Soup Spoons, Dessert Spoons, Tea Spoons
6 x -  Dessert Forks, Table Forks
6 x - Table Knives, Dessert Knives

£ 8,950.00
STUART DEVLIN Silver & Amethyst Rose Bowl
London 1976

Diameter: 16 cm
Height: 11 cm

Holds 6 tapersticks

£ 995.00
STUART DEVLIN Silver and Enamel Flower Box
London 1981

Diameter: 5 cm
Height: 5cm

£ 495.00
STUART DEVLIN Silver Gilt Napkin Ring
London 1981

Diameter: 4.5 cm
Height: 4 cm

£ 240.00