Silver Pickle Fork

(Code: 10206)
Silver Pickle ForkGwendoline Whicker
London 1963
Length 23 cm

Gwendoline Cross was born in Bristol in 1900 and attended Bristol Art School. She married Australian artist Fred Whicker in 1931 and lived in Clifton, Bristol and both of them exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy annual exhibitions. They moved to Wood Lane, Falmouth and she registered her hallmark in London in 1948. She made cutlery, jewellery boxes with hand beaten silver decorated with either enamel or semi-precious stones and jewellery. They moved from the New Bristol Arts Club to the St. Ives Society of Artists, with Gwen as secretary and Fred treasurer and exhibited there until their deaths. She produced etchings, paintings, drawings, sculpture, jewellery and silverwork. Much of her silver work has not been traced as it was sent to Fred's sister in Canada on her death. A retrospective exhibition of their work was held at the Falmouth Art Gallery in 1994 when 14 pieces of silverwork were loaned from private collections.