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Albert Edward Jones: was born in 1878 into a family of craftsmen dating back to 1780, and died in 1954. "A piece of silverwork to be really interesting must be endued with a Spirit of Art....." A E Jones 1906 Apprenticed to Woodwards then Hardman Powells, and trained at the Birmingham Central School of Arts, under Edward Taylor he gained a reputation as a developer and innovator . He worked as a Guildsman at the Birmingham Guild of Handicraft where he was influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement and met many artists and designers. Having made some bronzeware at his father's premises he left the family metalwork business and set up on his own in 1902. Success came quickly, the workshop attracting a talented group of artists and craftsmen inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. In 1905 he acquired Jesson and Birkett with its trade mark of St. Dunstan hand-raising a bowl. He collaborated with Edward Taylor's son Howson, owner of Ruskin Pottery, in mounting and using the coloured pottery as liners for some of his silverwork which at this time was all hand raised. The company produced many clock cases with French movements and a considerable amount of Ecclesiastical work. In 1958 his son Kenneth Crisp Jones (also trained at the Central School of Art Birmingham) took over the business which has recently been acquired by C J Vander of Sheffield.

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A E JONES Silver Chamber Stick
Birmingham 1961

Length: 10 cm
Height: 6 cm

Designed by Geoffrey Bellamy

£ 150.00
A E JONES Silver Dish
Birmingham 1959

Length: 19 cm
Height: 8 cm
Weight: 194 gms

Design number 1347 embossed to base
A very good late 1950's design

£ 240.00
Birmingham 1977

Length: 8cm

In original box - Commemorating the Queen's Silver Jubilee

£ 89.00
A E JONES Silver LEAF Caddy Spoon
Birmingham 1965

Length: 6 cm

From an original design by Geoffrey Bellamy

£ 125.00
A E JONES Silver Vase
London 1922

Height: 15 cm

£ 195.00
Silver Donkey
Birmingham 2005 

A E Jones

Cast Silver

Height: 8 cm
Length: 11 cm

£ 595.00