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Adam Veevers

Adam Veevers, silversmith and designer since 1991, is of international reputation.Working from his studio workshop in the heart of Birmingham’s world famous Jewellery Quarter he has produced silverware and related items for an impressive range of clients. As well as having a proven track record of completing prestigious one-off silversmithing projects, Adam has also developed products for mass manufacture. He is able to offer clients a full design service from concept generation, CAD development through to manufacture. Clients include Alessi, Downing Street, Wedgwood, Habitat, Robert Welch Designs, Donnington Park, David Mellor, Brian Asquith and Studio William Welch ltd. Adam’s designs and products can be found across the globe. Statement: " I have a passion for materials, design and for working in three dimensions. Coming from a family of artists and designers, I have always been fascinated by form, function and beauty. Growing up in the Peak District, my work takes influence from a love of the countryside."Adam works efficiently and effectively in both design studio and in the workshop, where the tools and materials speak for themselves.Functionality, longevity, elegance, strength.
ADAM VEEVERS 'Sharkey' Money Clip
Birmingham Hallmark

6 cm

£ 98.00
ADAM VEEVERS Silver Salt and Pepper
Birmingham Hallmark

Wood Base: 22 x 9 cm

Magnets set into base keep pinch pot and pepper ball in place

£ 495.00
ADAM VEEVERS Silver 'Spooner' Spoon
Birmingham Hallmark

16 cm

Hand Forged

£ 150.00
ADAM VEEVERS Silver 'Trust' Credit Card Case
Birmingham Hallmark

9 cm x 5.5 cm

£ 120.00
ADAM VEEVERS Silver 'Vortex' Salt and Pepper
Birmingham Hallmark

Height: 4.5cm

Unique magnetised opening system

£ 275.00
Silver Honey Drizzle / Dipper
Length: 14.5cm

Not always kept in stock please contact us for availability 

It is gilded in the center of the drizzler to ensure there is no hard to reach tarnish. The handle has a small indent to allow it to balance on the edge of the honey pot to allow the honey to drain back into its Jar.
x ADAM VEEVERS Round Silver 'Driftwood' Cufflinks
Birmingham Hallmark

Diameter: 2 cm

£ 59.00