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AURUM Silver 'St THOMAS of HEREFORD' Coaster

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AURUM Silver 'St THOMAS of HEREFORD' Coaster
London 1982

Certificate - no box 

This was the 42nd item of 59 made for John Sutherland-Hawes' Aurum Designs


Certificate signed by John Hereford, Lord Bishop of Hereford.

Certificate reads:
Coaster Number ___ This certifies that the above is one of the sole limited edition of 400 Coasters commissioned from Aurum Designs of London to celebrate the 700th anniversary of St. Thomas of Hereford

Edition of:                         400

Designer:                     John Sutherland-Hawes

Maker:                         Raymond Crisp

Sponsorís Mark:          JSH

Weight:                       8.5oz

Diameter:                    13.5 cm

The vigorous carving on the capitals of the twelfth century pillars which flank the cathedrals nave have inspired the coasterís silver gallery. Its whorls of Norman tracery have been interwoven with the leopardís heads of Cantilupe. Three leopardsí heads, reversed and transfixed with fleur de lys, formed the coat of arms of St Thomas Cantilupe, and became the Arms of the Diocese, adorn the centre of the coaster.

(On original order form these were available either in silver or silver full-gilt.)