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Brett Payne

Brett Payne undertook a Foundation course at Canterbury College of Art in 1977 before going to Sheffield Hallam University where he achieved a BA Hons in Silversmithing and Jewellery in 1981.He opened his own studio and workshop in Sheffield in 1983. He has exhibited widely including the United States, Japan and Europe and commissioned work includes Sheffield City Council, 10 Downing Street and Mappin and Webb.The Silverware and Candlesticks that Brett Payne produces are all individually hot forged, by hand, in Sterling Silver. Traditionally Silversmiths work the metal cold but if treated with respect and great care it can also be worked hot; the art of hot forging silver is not much practiced today but it does have a long tradition. Brett Payne has taken this tradition to a new level, developing the skill of hand forging Silver to explore new applications. His candlesticks are a synthesis of an ancient technique with his own very original and contemporary ideas of form. His understanding of the importance of simplicity leads to a refreshingly direct and uncomplicated way of making that produces timeless classics.We spent many hours manipulating Brett's 'X-Y' candlesticks into varying arrangements. They created such a stir that we are keeping them in stock. 
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BRETT PAYNE Acorn Candlesticks
Fully Hallmarked Silver in Sheffield 
Weight 250g (each)
Height: 6cm 
Diameter: 6.5cm

The design of the Acorn Candlestick allows
for a collection to be built up over a period of time.
They can then create various designs, but also can
connect very well with the x & y candlesticks 

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1 £590 
2 £1050 
3 £1590
£ 590.00
BRETT PAYNE Contemporary Design Silver 'ILLUSION' Bowl

Diameter: 15 cm

Spun silver and highly polished
Very clever design - as you place your finger inside the bowl it creates a very unusual illusion.

£ 595.00
BRETT PAYNE Forged Silver Caddy Spoon
Hot forged from Sterling Silver


110 mm

This caddy spoon has been designed and made exclusively for Styles Silver who commissioned it for British Silver Week 2009.

£ 295.00
BRETT PAYNE Hot Forged Silver COCKTAIL Spoon
18 ct Gold Finial

Sheffield 1997

Length: 19 cm

£ 195.00
BRETT PAYNE Silver ' X & Y ' Candlesticks
Fully Hallmarked Silver 
Hand Forged Silver.

The design of the X&Y candlesticks allows the clean elegant lines to be orientated through 90º.

The candlesticks can therefore be aligned vertically or horizontally, allowing their owner to develop endless arrangements to suit any occasion or space

36cm x 16cm each.

£ 4,500.00
BRETT PAYNE Silver Beaker
Fully Hallmarked Silver 

Made in Britannia 958 Standard Silver

Double skinned to keep iced drinks cold

Height: 11cm
Weight: 337g

£ 695.00
BRETT PAYNE Silver Colander
Fully Hallmarked Silver 

Width: 17 cm
Height: 6 cm

£ 795.00
BRETT PAYNE Silver Saucepan
Fully Hallmarked Silver 
Britannia Silver (958)

Available in different sizes - please contact for details 

BRETT PAYNE 'Swan'  Silver Caddy Spoon
Fully Hallmarked Silver 
Hand Forged 
18ct Gold Eye 
Length: 9cm
Weight: 75g


Phone for availability

Pair Silver 'Ampersand' Candlesticks
Brett Payne

The two pieces may be aligned to form intriguing sinuous lines of forged silver.

Dimensions: 20cm long x 6.55cm wide each (approx)

Not always kept in stock please contact us for availability 

Silver "Manhattan" Candlesticks
These can be used individually, or grouped together to form a larger candelabra of two or more pieces.
Height: 26cm

Please call/email for availability and current price