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Caddy Spoons

A E BONNER Silver 'Fish' Caddy Spoon
London 1915

Length: 7.5cm

£ 350.00
A E JONES Silver Jubilee Tea Caddy Spoon
Birmingham 1977
A E Jones
Length: 8cm

£ 89.00
London 1975

Engraved to back:

£ 295.00
BRETT PAYNE Silver Caddy Spoon
Hot forged from Sterling Silver
Maker: Brett Payne

This caddy spoon has been designed exclusively for Styles Silver who commissioned it for British Silver Week 2009.
They are still being made today.

£ 295.00
BRETT PAYNE 'Swan'  Silver Caddy Spoon
Fully Hallmarked Silver 
Hand Forged 
18ct Gold Eye 
Length: 9cm
Weight: 75g

Currently not in stock call for availability 

London 1955

Length: 10 cm

E A Sallis Benney, Gerald's father was Principal and Dunstan Pruden Head of silversmithing. Anthony Elson studied under Pruden there in 1955 so I asked him about this spoon.
'The first thing that Pruden asked his full time students to make was a small bowl followed by a jug. This involved raising, planishing and shaping and finally soldering and all of this took several weeks to complete. Now his part time evening students were encouraged to make shallow bowls, spoons etc so that they could complete them within a term and have something to show for their labours.'

£ 240.00
BRYONY KNOX 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' Silver Caddy Spoon.
"4 and 20 Blackbirds"
Length: 9cm

£ 250.00
COLLETTE BISHOP Silver 'Side Bowl' Caddy Spoon
Sheffield 2013

6 cm x 4.5 cm

Collette achieved a Bachelor of Design with Honours from Liverpool Hope University 2008-11 then Bishopsland 2011-12

She has studied under Rod Kelly, John Bartholomew, Angela Cork, Peter Musgrove and Jane Short

£ 250.00
DON PORRITT Cast Silver Caddy Spoon
Sheffield Hallmark

See The Goldsmiths' Company Video to see Don making this with a Cuttlefish Bone mould for casting

£ 220.00
ESTHER LORD Silver Caddy Spoon
Fully Hallmarked Silver 
Acid Etched
Length: 9 cm
£ 275.00
FRANCIS ADAMS Silver Caddy Spoon
London 1933

7 cm

Engraved with a stylised Lily of the Valley in the form of the letter 'C'

Francis Adams was born in Hungary and learnt his craft in wrought iron. He worked in London for Starkie Gardner & Co, the wrought iron specialists that also worked in bronze, lead, silver and gold. He taught at the Central School of Arts and Crafts from 1906-5 where Leslie Durbin was amongst his pupils. In 1920 he opened his own workshop.

£ 295.00
London 1956

Length: .5 cm
Height: 3 cm

Signed underneath Geoffrey G Bellamy

£ 350.00
GRANT MACDONALD Limited Edition Silver Caddy Spoon

London 2019
Length: 10cm 

Limited Edition of 10 designed and made exclusively for Styles Silver 
Certificate signed by Grant Macdonald 

Available in Silver or Silver with gilded handle 
All Silver  £395
Silver and gilded handle £450
(Select option form drop down top left)

£ 395.00
GUILD of HANDICRAFT Silver Caddy Spoon
London 1981

8 cm

Engraved Prince of Wales Feathers

Made to commemorate the wedding of Charles and Diana

£ 195.00
JAMES DOUGALL Diamond Jubilee Silver Caddy Spoon
London 2012

Length: 7.5cm

Styles Silver commissioned James Dougall to make a limited edition of 12 silver caddy spoons for the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

James was an obvious choice to design these caddy spoons, as his work with shagreen is very special. and the Purple here almost has a 'regal' feel to it.

This is the last one available - with signed limited edition certificate
£ 195.00
JAMES DOUGALL Silver Caddy Spoon
11.5 cm

Hand forged
£ 150.00
JAMES POTTER Silver Leaf Caddy Spoon
London 1977

9.5 cm

Silver Jubilee Hallmark

£ 175.00
KARINA GILL Silver Caddy Spoon

Length: 9.5cm
Diameter: 43mm (bowl of spoon)

£ 295.00
KARINA GILL Silver Caddy Spoon

Length: 8.5cm
Width: 6.5cm

£ 295.00
'Lincoln Imp' Caddy Spoon
Birmingham 1934

Length: 8cm

£ 112.50
LUCIAN TAYLOR Silver Caddy Spoon
London 2009

7 cm

Lucian Taylor born 1967

£ 195.00
MALCOLM APPLEBY Silver Caddy Spoon


With gold bead

£ 450.00
PHIL JORDAN Silver Caddy Spoon
London Hallmark

Rosewood Handle

13 sm

£ 120.00
R E Stone Silver Caddy Spoon
London 1935

Length: 7½cm

£ 250.00
RICHARD COLLETT Silver Caddy Spoon
Sheffield 2006

Diameter: 5 cm

£ 250.00
SHAUN GRACE 'Spiral' Engraved Silver Caddy Spoon
London Hallmark

Young Designer Silversmith of the Year 2011

£ 195.00
SHEILA McDONALD Silver and Enamel Caddy Spoon
London Hallmark

Green Spiral enamel with 24ct gold and fine silver foil

Length: 9.5cm
Width: 6cm (at top)
£ 450.00
SHONA MARSH Silver Caddy Spoon
Birmingham Hallmark

10.5 cm

£ 250.00
STUART DEVLIN Silver Caddy Spoon
London 1982
7 cm

Limited edition commemorating the birth of Prince William

This first edition was quickly sold out so Stuart designed and made a second limited edition example
£ 275.00
STUART DEVLIN Silver Caddy Spoon
London 1986
6.7 cm

Limited edition commemorating the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson
£ 275.00
STUART DEVLIN Silver Caddy Spoon
To Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Investiture of the Prince of Wales (Aged 9 in 1958)
London 1983
Length: 6.5cm

£ 275.00
STUART DEVLIN Silver Caddy Spoon
London 1983
6.4 cm
Second Edition of Caddy Spoon to commemorate the birth of Prince William.
The First Limited Edition sold out

(Original price £49)

£ 275.00
TWININGS of LONDON Silver Caddy Spoons
Birmingham 1979

Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd

3 Silver & Enamel Caddy Spoons commissioned by Twinings Tea

1. The Twining family crest

2. The bust of Thomas Twining

3. The ornate archway above the entrance to Twinings at 216 Strand in London featuring the Golden Lion and two Oriental figures

In original box with booklet

£ 450.00