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A E PITTMAN Silver Coffee Pot
London 1950

Wakely & Wheeler

Height: 25 cm
Total weight: 892 gms

This was designed by A E Pittman for Payne & Son of Oxford

From the 1930's 'Bertie' Pittman was a partner of Arthur Wakely in the firm of Wakely & Wheeler, and he was also a designer.


London 1988

Height: 8 cm
Width: 12 cm

Anton Pruden is the grandson of Dunstan Pruden and works in Ditchling, Sussex

Silver Spoon
Arthur Creighton
Chester 1953
16 cm

Arthur Creighton taught Silversmithing at Morecombe College of Art
BARRY WITMOND Silver Shell Dish
Barry WitmondLondon 1996

Retailed by Garrard & CoWidth: 6.6 cm


Barry Mark Witmond did a pre-apprentice course at the Sir John Cass College of Art before being apprenticed to Wakely and Wheeler. In 1976 he started working for, and later took over the business of, Eric Holmes. After rent increases in Mayfair he set up his workshop in Lincolnshire.
Edinburgh 1952
Height: 17 cm
Diameter: 11 cm
Coronation Hallmark


Set with 4 cabochon moonstones and a cornellian

Bernard Harrington was Head of Silversmithing and Jewellery at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee 1943-74
Inspired by the Orb used in the Coronation 

BRIAN CAIN  Silver Tea Set on Tray
London 1957

Wakely and Wheeler
Designed by B R Cain facsimile signature to tray

Height of Hot water: 17cm
Diameter of bowl:12.5cm
Diameter of tray: 41.5cm

Weight: 3.9kg (including handles)

Brian R Cain - Born in 1931 and served his apprenticeship with Wakely and Wheeler. He studied on day release at the Central School of Arts and Crafts with contemporaries John Bartholomew and Lew Marlow.

Payne and Son of Oxford and George Tarratt in Leicester retailed some of the pieces he designed which were made by Wakely and Wheeler in the late 1950's. Cain later moved to C J Vander where he was the company's design manager.


London 1968
Height: 9.2 cm
Width: 13 cm

Cecil Frederick Colyer studied at Cambridge and spent time in Nigeria in the Colonial Service. Returning to England he ran a boys club at Uppingham School and during the war was a pilot instructor for the RAF.In 1952 was appointed as Head of Metal and Woodwork at Bryanston School. He was a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Turners and registered his London mark in 1965 then later in Edinburgh. One of his students, Simon Beer, called him ' inspired teacher'. He died in 1994. 


CHARLES de BOER Silver Dish
CHARLES de BOER Silver Dish
Charles de Boer
Sheffield 1963
Diameter: 8 cm


Charles Henry de Boer (1921-2013) was a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist in Liverpool and had many craft interests apart from silversmithing.
CHRIS KNIGHT Silver Goblet/Beaker
Sheffield 1992

Height: 16.5 cm

Reversible Goblet or Beaker - gilt lined cups


CHRIS KNIGHT Silver Sauceboat
Sheffield 1991

31 cm


Chris Knight was born in Bishops Stortford in 1964 and studied at Sheffield before attending the Royal College of Art 1990-2. His work can be seen in many public collections including the V&A and museums in Paris, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Gateshead, Sheffield, Ulster and Norwich.

Now in The Pearson Silver Collection.

This was the first object formed for his master's programme at the RCA and the first of his 'Spiked' series. At the time he was  he was concerned with the relationship between the visual and tactile qualities of 'visually aggressive objects ...objects that may hurt' but attract us none  the less.

CHRIS KNIGHT Silver Spike Dish
CHRIS KNIGHT Silver Spike Dish
Silver Spike Dish
Chris Knight
Sheffield 1996Width: 14 cm

Provenance: The Terry Brodie-Smith Collection exhibited at The Scottish Gallery 2012. Exhibition Catalogue: Knight achieved an MA at the Royal College of Art in 1992 and is Senior lecturer in Jewellery and silversmithing at Sheffield Hallam UniversitySpike Dish was illustrated in 'Living Silver' exhibition, a touring exhibition of British Silversmiths curated by the Crafts Council in 1995.
Collecting by Design Catalogue
Silver and Metalwork of the Twentieth Century from the Margo Grant Walsh Collection The Museum of Fine Arts, HoustonA very well illustrated catalogue with over 130 pages Covering from Arts and Crafts all the way to very contemporary design. Including British, American, Scandinavian and others.

David Duxford
Birmingham 1983
11.5 cm


David Iain Duxford worked in Southwell, Nottinghamshire
London 1988

Height 14 cm
Diameter top: 6.5 cm

Engraved standing Stag to front

Applied Thistles round stem


DAVID WYNNE Silver 'Boy on a Dolphin'
David Wynne (1926-2014) Boy on a Dolphin
London 1979
Mappin and Webb
Limited Edition of 250
Length: 31cmHeight: 17cm
Granite Base


Orginal sculpture at The Albert Bridge, London+ Tower Bridge + Mayo Clinic + Worcester, Mass, USADavid Wynne's son modelled as the boy. He made more public sculptures in London than any other 20th Century artist - including Guy the Gorilla at Crystal Palace, Fred Perry at Wimbledon and Queen Elizabeth Gate in Hyde Park as well as several other Royal commissions. 
London 1972

7.5 cm

Red enamel design from a Stained glass window in Lincoln Cathedral

Engraved to reverse: Lincoln Cathedral 1072-1972

Derek Birch (1941-2011) studied at the Birmingham School of Jewellery and Silversmithing and then Birmingham College of Art 1957-62 and Royal College of Art 1962-5. Established a workshop in Lincoln and received many important commissions for the City of Lincoln with 3 being presented to the Queen.

He returned to Birmingham in the late 1960's and taught full time - among his many students was Theresa Nguyen who holds him in high regard - "An inspiring teacher and mentor"

He continued designing and making while teaching and retired from the Birmingham School of Jewellery and Silversmithing in 2006.


DEREK BIRCH Silver Goblet
Derek Birch
Birmingham 1972
Height: 11.8 cm
Red enamel design in front from a Stained \glass window in Lincoln Cathedral
Engraved to reverse: Lincoln Cathedral 1072-1972In original box

Derek Birch (1941-2011) studied at the Birmingham School of Jewellery and Silversmithing and then Birmingham College of Art 1957-62 and Royal College of Art 1962-5. Established a workshop in Lincoln and received many important commissions for the City of Lincoln and three presented to the Queen. He returned to Birmingham in the late 1960's and taught full time - among his many students was Theresa Nguyen who holds him in high regard - "An inspiring teacher and mentor" He continued designing and making while teaching and retired from the Birmingham School of Jewellery and Silversmithing in 2006.

DERRICK GRADY Silver Rosebowl
London 1974
Diameter: 14 cm
Height: 7 cm
Derrick Grady entered his mark in 1969.

DUNSTAN PRUDEN Silver Crucifix
London 1970

Height: 16 cm

Width: 11 cm

Alfred Charles Pruden (1906-74) known as 'Dunstan' studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts. Early in his career he made up a lot of designs by H G Murphy, including a processional crucifix for Lichfield Cathedral. Much of his own later work was ecclesiastical. He entered a Guild at Ditchling with Eric Gill. He taught t Brighton College of Art and counted Gerald Benney and Anthony Elson among his pupils. His grandson Anton Pruden continues the tradition in Ditchling.

Silver Hand Raised Jug Ealing School of Art
London 1961
Width: 17 cm
Height: 9 cm

FRANCIS LOYEN Pair Silver Goblets
London 1982
Height: 15.5cm
Plique-a-jour enamel
(See a slightly shorter pair 1982 illustrated in my book page 307 purchased in 2013 for £1820, now in the Pearson Silver Collection)

G R TEMMIS Silver Coffee Pot
G R Temmis
Birmingham 1990
Height: 33 cm
Total weight: 36 oz


G R Temmis was a retired army major who took up silversmithing and lived near Stratford-on-Avon
GEORGE GRANT Silver Goblet

George Grant
London 1971
Height: 14 cm
Hand engraved to base: 5/60 GG


George Edward Grant was born in 1935 and studied at the Central School of Art before being apprenticed to Leslie Durbin. He later worked for Michael Murray before setting up a workshop in Rosebery Avenue in 1959. He later moved to Chelmsford where he also taught. A fine craftsman and if other silversmiths had a problem they would go to George for him to 'sort it'.
Gertrude Morley Spoon
London 1954
Gertrude L Morley
Mustard/Salt Spoon

Hammered Silver Tumbler Cup
London 1977
Peter Lindsey
Height: 6cm
Diameter: 6cm


London 1967

12 cm


Harry Warmington worked for the Guild of Handicraft for many years and occasionally used his own maker's mark.

Ian Calvert Silver Beaker
London 1993
Designed by Ian Calvert
For Garrard and Co
Height: 9.5cm
Diameter: 7.5cm


Ian Calvert was born in 1938 and began his craft education at 13. Jack Stapley, a visiting lecturer at the Gravesend School of Art inspired him to stay on for extra evening classes and by his third year contacted R E Stone and was offered a 4 year apprenticeship in 1954. Sid Sparrow took charge of Ian and he also had extra evening classes under Reginald Hill and won top awards in his City and Guilds exam. In 1957 he was chosen to represent Britain in the International Apprenticeship competition in Madrid and was awarded first prize by General Franco and on his return was offered a teaching position at Gravesend but at 19 felt he was not ready. He became a Freeman of the Company in 1959 then worked for Wakely and Wheeler with Frank Beck before setting up the Silver Workshops Ltd. He has taught at the Medway college and been associated with Asprey and Garrard through Alex Styles and Tony Bedford. In 2003 he moved to larger premises with his son Justin.In 1993 Garrard and Co celebrated 150 years as the Crown Jewellers with and exhibition of their designers since 1925 and 17 contemporary silversmiths. This was one of the exhibits.
J P Steele Silver Beaker
London 1946
Height: 11.5cm
Diameter: 7.5cm


John Phillips Steele was an artist/craftsman working in Letchworth Garden City. The Goldsmiths Company aquired a small chased bowl on a pierced foot in 1936 from him for their modern silver collection. He was a member of the Welwyn Craftworkers Guild.Click image to enlarge
Jack Spencer
Sheffield 1977
Silver Jubilee Hallmark
Width: 10.7 cm

Jack Spencer apprenticed at Walker & Hall where he made many of David Mellor's prototypes before working for him as a master craftsman. In the mid-1960's formed a partnership with Keith Tyssen and worked as silversmithing technician at Sheffield College of Art. In the early 1970's opened a retail shop in Sheffield with his wife and retired to the Cotswolds.
JAMES BRENT WARD Silver 'Ball Game' Box
'Ball Game' Box made in silver and refractory metals
James Brent Ward
Edinburgh 1999
Millennium Hallmark
Diameter: 7 cm

Now in the Pearson Silver CollectionClick image to enlargeBorn in Yorkshire 1949 - degree course at the Central School where he discovered Titanium, became a technician there before attending the RCA 1974-7. He specialised in original research into photo-etching of refractory metals and wrote 'Refractory Metals' for The Goldsmith's Company. He had a workshop in India and USA before joining William Comyns in 1986 as Production and Design Director. He designed the Five Nations Rugby Trophy in 1992 and the Six Nations in 2000. He spent 8 years setting up Comyns silver workshop for Selangor in Malaysia and has had his own workshop in Fife since 1980. Apart from working in silver, titanium, niobium,tantalum and zirconium he also produces cranial implants for neurosugeons around Europe.
JAMES POTTER Silver Leaf Caddy Spoon
London 1977

9.5 cm

Silver Jubilee Hallmark


London 1983
John Donald
Height: 10.5cm
Diameter: 7.5cm
John Grenville
London 1961
Britannia Standard
Height: 18 cm
Weight: 17 oz


John Grenville (1918-2004)After war service studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts 1945-7 and opened a shop in Suffolk in 1966. He produced many pieces of eccliastical silver for East Anglian chuches - a chalice and paten by him is in the V&A..
John Norgate
London 197811.5 x 8.7 x 3.8 cm

Now in the Pearson Silver Collection
Stunningly finished and engraved with waves around the sides and fish on the top.

John Norgate is a specialist box maker.Born in 1946, he was apprenticed to Aspreys and studied at the Sir John Cass College. He worked for RS Johnston Ltd, and then as a freelance silver and goldsmith and part time lecturer at the Cass and West Dean
Joyce Himsworth
Sheffield 1970
Length: 15 cm
Monogrammed PJoyce

Rosemary Himsworth was born in Sheffield in 1905 and from very early on worked with her father Joseph Beeston Himsworth at B Worth a & Sons making spoons and small items of jewellery. She went on to study at the Sheffield School of Art and did design work for the Company. In 1925 she registered a joint mark with her father and established her own workshop in Sheffield. In the 1930's she studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts under H G Murphy in London and registered her own mark there and in Sheffield. She was not a prolific maker, working mainly to commission. A pair of vases and two chalices can be seen in Westminster Cathedral and a silver and gold Peace Cup made for the 'Britain Can Make It' exhibition. She took part in many exhibitions of the Goldsmiths' Company at home and abroad and taught at Rotherham and Chesterfield art colleges, She retired in the 1960's and an exhibition of her work was held at the Sheffield City Museum in 1978. She died in 1990.
K BENNETT Silver Spoon
Silver Spoon set with agate
K Bennett
London 1983
12 cm
KAY IVANOVIC Silver Cake Slice
Silver Cake/Fish Slice

London 2000
Millennium Hallmark

26.5 cm


Kay Ivanovic was born in Philadelphia in 1943 and studied there at the Moore College of Art in 1967. In 1979 she received a Commendation , Goldsmiths' Company Craftsman of the Year and was the winner in 1986. In 1993 she achieved a diploma in Silversmithing (with distinction) from the Sir John Cass School of Art. Commissioned work includes pieces for St John's College, Cambridge,; 10 Downing Street and the Benton Seymour Rabinovitch Fish Slice collection in the V & A Museum.
Edinburgh 1976

16 cm

KILKENNY DESIGN Silver Sauce Ladle
Dublin 1988

With the special  Hallmark to denote the Dublin City Millennium Year

Length: 15 cm


Lawrence Vernon
Birmingham 1951
10 cm

It is thought that Vernon was an electrical engineer who entered his mark in 1943
LINDSEY MIDDLETON Silver Mounted Wood Bowl
London 1976

Height: 10 cm
Width: 13 cm

A very organic - mushroom shape. Hand raised silver base

Lindsey Middleton studied at High Wycombe College of Art & Technology before proceeding to the Royal College of Art. In 1979 she was teaching at Nene College of Art in Northampton.

The Thames and Hudson Manual of Silversmithing
by Frances Loyen published in 1980 features several illustrations of her work, including similar vessels on page 62.

LINKS of LONDON Silver Pig Letter Opener
Links of London
Sheffield 1992
19.5 cm

MARY LAINCHBURY Silver Covered Bowl/Tea Caddy
Sheffield 1976

Sponsor's Mark: Chesterfield College of Art

Height: 14 cmWidth: 10 cm

Miss Mary Georgina Lainchbury was born in Chesterfield, retired as a nursery school headteacher and died there in 2016 aged 91. She attended Chesterfield College of Art and studied silversmithing under Wallace Smyth.
MAUREEN EDGAR Silver and Enamel Box
London 1978

Height: 4.5 cm
Width: 6 cm

A very early example of her work - she studied at the Royal College of Art under Gerald Benney from 1977-80

Small chips to enamel on box lid points


Now in The Pearson Silver Collection

This box with a flush hinge (and another 'book' shaped with light blue enamel) were part of an exercise in hinge making and also using a milling machine. She used the latter to sink a die for the cover, stamped in fine silver, but Phillip Popham (technical silversmith at the RCA) felt it was too ’sharp. Both featured in her Graduation Exhibition and were subsequently bought by Sir Charles Forte. This one was destined as a gift for his secretary.

MAUREEN EDGAR Silver and Enamel Egg Cup and Spoon
Edinburgh 1997

Height: 5.8 cm


For a similar example in the Pearson Silver Collection see my book 'British Designer Silver' pages 196/7 Maureen Edgar's work rarely comes on to the secondary market.

Now in the Pearson Silver Collection
MICHAEL KAY Silver Candlesticks
Edinburgh 1977

Diameter: 4.5 cm

London 1971
Height: 7 cm
Width: 11 cm


Michael Murray was born in 1923 and when he was 15 started a stained-glass apprenticeship at Eric Gill's community. He then moved on to book binding at Letchworth Garden City before learning silversmithing from Dunstan Pruden at Ditchling. He moved to London and studied at the Central School of Arts and Craftsbefore opening his own workshop. He predominantly made ecclesiastical silver, including pieces for Coventry and Guildford Cathedrals but his workshop also produced procesional robes for the Coronation. His apprentices included William Phipps, George Grant, Richard Costain, his daughter Clare and Sarah Jones. In 1998 Sarah Jones held an exhibition of his and his student's work 'Goldensilver 60 Years a Smiting'. He died in 2005
Modern Silver Book
Published by The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths 1959
38 illustrated pages


Modern Silver Book
Published by The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths 1954
26 pages