DAVID MELLOR 'Embassy' Pattern Silver Tea Spoon

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DAVID MELLOR 'Embassy' Pattern Silver Tea SpoonSheffield 1962

13.5 cm

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In 1963, David Mellor was approached by the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works to design a complete new range of modern silver for use in British Embassies. The idea from Lord Hope, the then Minister of Works, desired the newly built embassies and furnishings to be in a contemporary style. Warsaw was the first new embassy to receive the new designs, followed by Mexico City. The 'Embassy' silver was Mellor's most important work in silver and established his reputation as a designer. Winning a Design Council award, the service was judged to be 'the best of its kind that has been produced in the country for many years.' The condiment sets, coffee pots, sugar bowls, cream jugs and candlesticks, were made in Mellor's workshop at 1 Park Lane in the suburb of Broomhall unlike the flatware which was manufactured elsewhere but bears his maker's mark. Following a change of government in 1965, the project was abandoned.