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Gerald Benney was born in 1930 in Hull to artistic parents, went to Brighton College of Art 1946-8 (his father was Principal) where he trained as a silversmith in the workshop of Dunstan Pruden at Ditchling. After military service he attended the Royal College of Art 1950-53 under Professor Robert Goodden. (Benney was Professor of Silversmithing and Jewellery here from 1974 to 1983). In 1953 he secured a workshop from the retiring owner Mr. S W Ide, the best gold-plater in London, at Whitfield Place off Tottenham Court Road. In 1958 he was made a Freeman of the Goldsmith's Company. 1964 elected a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. In 1969 he moved his London studio to Falcon Wharf, Bankside and by 1973 was at warehouses in Bear Lane, Southwark. Christopher Lawrence and Brian Fuller were both managers for him. With the crippling increase in VAT on luxury goods in 1974 he had to let most of his 19 staff go and moved everything to Beenham House, his home in Berkshire, where he stayed until 1998. Bear Lane was sold to Grant Macdonald who had a larger export market to the Middle East. From 1957-1969 Benney was Consultant Designer to Viners of Sheffield, designing pieces for silver, pewter and stainless steel production. In 1971 he became a Royal Designer for Industry. He had one man exhibitions at Goldsmith's Hall in 1973, enamels in 1994 and another in 2005. From 1974-1980 he received 4 Royal Warrants of appointment. Most important for the development of silver design he was appointed Professor at the Royal College of Art from 1974-1983. In 1981 he became Assistant at the Goldsmith's Hall. In 1993 his son Simon opened the showroom Benney in Walton Street.Gerald Benney died in 2008.Personal Statement "My philosophy as such is to project and involve my own personal design theme without too much reference to others in the field."

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London 1977

Height: 8.5 cm
Diameter : 7.2 cm

Gerald held an exhibition at Carrington's in 1977 and designed an exclusive range featuring spiral bark hammering

In silk lined Benney box

£ 895.00
London 1974

Width: 12.5 cm
Depth: 10 cm
Height: 2,5 cm

£ 2,500.00
London 1980

Height: 8 cm
Width: 12 cm

£ 1,250.00
GERALD BENNEY Pair Silver Candle Tops
London 1983

Diameter: 3.5cm
Height: 3cm 
£ 89.00
GERALD BENNEY Silver 3 Piece Coffee Set
Coffee: London 1973
Jug & Bowl: London 1976
Height: 27 cm

£ 6,500.00
London 1948

Mark: Brighton College of Art

Height: 12cm
Diameter: 8.5cm

Handmade by Gerald Benney during his last year at Brighton before going to the Royal College of Art in 1950

Provenance : The Gerald and Janet Benney Collection of Silver

£ 895.00
GERALD BENNEY Silver Candelabra
London 1973
Height: 46cm
Width: 22cm
£ 6,950.00
Gerald Benney Silver Candle Tops
London 1983

Large: Diameter 8cm Height 7cm £98

Medium: Diameter 5.7 cm Height 4.7 cm £69

Small: Diameter 3.5cm Height: 3cm £45

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GERALD BENNEY Silver Coffee Pot
London 1967
Height: 26cm

£ 2,950.00
GERALD BENNEY Silver 'GUILD' Butter Knife
Sheffield 1963
Made by Viners
Designed by Gerald Benney
Length: 15cm

'Guild' Pattern

Gerald Benney was consultant designer at Viner from 1959-1969

£ 29.00
GERALD BENNEY Silver 'GUILD' Coffee Spoons
Sheffield 1966 

Made by Viners
Designed by Gerald Benney

Length: 9 cm

'Gerald Benney was consultant designer at Viner from 1959-1969

Can be used as a large pair of Salt Spoons

£ 49.00
Sheffield 1966

Made by Viners
Designed by Gerald Benney

Length: 12 cm

Gerald Benney was consultant designer at Viner from 1959-1969

Original cutlery rolls

£ 120.00
Sheffield 1966 

Set of 6

Made by Viners
Designed by Gerald Benney

Length: 12 cm

'Gerald Benney was consultant designer at Viner from 1959-1969

£ 135.00
GERALD BENNEY Silver 'Haberdasher's 'Company' Beaker
London 1973
Height: 8.5 cm
Diameter: 6.3 cm

Crested - The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers - 'Serve and Obey'
£ 795.00
GERALD BENNEY Silver Ingot Paperweight
London 1987

Length: 10 cm

Weight: 250 gms

Original card box

Presented by Ove Arup Partners (Consulting Engineers) for 10 years service

£ 450.00
Gerald Benney Silver Jubilee Dish
London 1977
Made for Carrington and Co
Limited Edition of 1000
Diameter: 13½cm


Original box and certificate

£ 295.00
London 1989

Height: 12 cm
Diameter top: 16 cm
Weight: 615 gms

In original card box

£ 2,200.00
GERALD BENNEY Silver Pricket Candleholder
London 1963
Height: 17 cm
Diameter of base: 14 cm

Provenence: The Janet and Gerald Benney Silver Collection
£ 1,450.00
London 1977
Silver Jubilee Hallmark
13.5 cm

£ 98.00
Gerald Benney Silver Sugar Caster
Designed by Gerald Benney for Viners
Sheffield 1962
Signed to base 'Designed by Gerald Benny
Height 15cm

Gerald Benney came into our shop sometime ago and I asked him about his design work for Viners. He showed me the base of one of the pieces we had in stock and he said: 'They paid me all that money and couldn't even spell my name correctly!' (All Viners pieces engraved Benny to base)
£ 195.00
GERALD BENNEY Silver Taperstick Holder
Sheffield 1962

E Viner

Designed by Gerald Benney
(Viners engraved 'Designed by Gerald Benny'
Gerald came in our shop many years ago and said "They paid me all that money but couldn't spell my name right!"
Consultant designer for Viner 1959-69

Diameter: 13cm

Original box

£ 250.00
London 1964
42.5cm by 19.7cm
Retailed by Hardy Brothers Ltd, Australia  

£ 2,500.00
SIMON BENNEY Silver Goblet
London 2008
Height: 12.8 cm
Diameter: 6.3 cm
£ 550.00
v Boxed 'Chelsea' Silver Tea Spoons
Sheffield 1961

Designed by Gerald Benney
Made by E Viners


Chelsea was Gerald Benney's first big breakthrough design for Viners where he was consultant designer 1959-69.

This would have been mass produced at the time in stainless steel and little was made in silver
£ 89.00
x Gerald Benney Book
The story of fifty years at the bench by Graham Hughes

220 pages with lots of colour illustrations

Sealed Hardback edition

£ 15.00
The story of fifty years at the bench by Graham Hughes 

220 pages with lots of colour illustrations 

Signed by Gerald Benney 

Paperback edition

£ 15.00
x Gerald Benney Book
Goldsmiths, Silversmiths and Fine Enamellers

30 Page Catalogue of Benney's Products
Colour and B/W Pictures
130 Items

Click image to see pictures of inside

£ 45.00
x Gerald Benney Catalogue
With 1988 Price List

57 pages well illustrated

£ 25.00