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Martyn Pugh

Simplicity, grace, precision, poise.Clean fluid contours flow effortlessly throughout Martyn Pugh's collection of silverware. Each piece has a satisfying solidity when used. He has created harmonious balance not only to the eye but to the hand. His design philosophy is uncomplicated."I create beautiful objects for people to use. Function and mechanics are of equal importance to uncompromised beauty."His skills at melding fine engineering with disarming elegance ensure a classical longevity for each piece. Unassuming confidence resonates throughout, a reassuring quality in a world of transient fashions."Beauty is a simple quality not susceptible of further definition." (Kant)

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Martyn Pugh 'Curve 'Candlesticks
Birmingham 2000
(Millennium Hallmark)
Height; 22 cm

Limited Edition of 100 designed and made for George Pragnell, Stratford on Avon (also retailed by George Tarratt, Leicester)
£ 795.00
MARTYN PUGH Silver 'Arc' Beaker
Britannia Standard
6 cm high
£ 495.00
MARTYN PUGH Silver 'Arc' Beaker
Britannia Standard
Height: 10.5 cm

£ 595.00
Martyn Pugh Silver Cream Churn
Birmingham 1994
Gold Gilt inside 
Height 21cm
£ 950.00
MARTYN PUGH Silver 'Curve' Claret Jug
Birmingham 2000

Millennium Hallmark

Height: 35 cm

£ 895.00
MARTYN PUGH Silver 'Curve' Claret Jug
Fully Hallmarked Silver 
Height: 33.5cm

£ 1,390.00
Martyn Pugh Silver 'Heirloom' Bowl
Birmingham 1993
Diameter 5.5 cm

£ 220.00
MARTYN PUGH Silver Honey Spoon
Birmingham 1987

15.5 cm

MARTYN PUGH Silver Stemmed Liquor Glasses
2 -  Birmingham 1988
2 -  Birmingham 1993

Height: 12 cm
Diameter top: 5 cm

Martyn also made this design for Theo Fennell with TF maker's mark

£ 250.00
MARTYN PUGH Silver Toast / Letter Rack
Height: 16cm

The silver and ebony rack has been designed to hold thick toast or long letters.
To make cleaning easy, the tray can be removed.
£ 895.00
MARTYN PUGH Silver Wine Funnel and Stand
Height: 20cm

Martyn has not changed the design of the wine funnel, and has copied it from a Georgian one. However, he has designed a good looking and practical stand in silver and ebony.This two-part funnel is designed for the connoisseur - it's shape delivers the wine smoothly into the decanter, removing the sediment with its strainer and the muslin supplied.
£ 995.00
Silver Candlesticks
Martyn Pugh
with Ebony Stems
Height: 15cm

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x Silver Claret Jug
Fully Hallmarked Silver 
Martyn Pugh
Height: 37.5cm
Capacity: 75cl

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The crystal body displays the wine whilst leaving breathing space and has a particularly complex silver mount. The hinged concave lid form, which remains closed when pouring, and the 'stirrup' handle require considerable time and technical expertise to create. The jug has a satisfying weight, balance and feel. A lid-less version is also available as a matching water jug.