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Ndidi Ekubia

Ndidi Ekubia was born in Manchester in 1973 and was interested in art from a very early age which lead her to study Art and Design Technology at High school.She proceeded to do a degree in 3 dimensional design at the University of Wolverhampton that involved the use of wood, metal and plastics. Drawn gradually to the medium of metal, at first experimenting with copper foil, which was pressed between two pieces of carved wood giving a relief pattern. She was then taught the traditional technique of Chasing into small sheet metal. This involved pitch, a pitch bowl, repoussé hammer, punches and a lot of patience. This process was great but size and time were a big issue.To replace the pitch she made a very large sandbag out of a secondhand leather jacket. Her tutor made small, medium and large wooden bossing hammers to the shape of templates, these were my first set of personal silversmithing tools. Using large pieces of sheet base metals, copper or guilding metal (an alloy of copper and brass) she started to hammer out 3 dimensional forms and her journey in silversmithing had begun. Personal Statement"I am excited by the sensual and rich forms that can be created in metal andbelieve my nature is reflected through my work. It is a delight to beabsorbed in every stage from design to the finished piece. The rhythmicprocess of making, using hand-raising techniques, can push the metal toits limits and emphasises the fluid vitality of each form."

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Contemporary Design Silver "Flamingo" Candleholder
London 2008
Ndidi Ekubia
Hand Raised
Height: 14.5cm
Width: 20cm

£ 695.00
London 2009

Length: 13 cm
Width: 9.5 cm

£ 395.00