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RONALD GRANT Silver Hammered Beakers

(Code: 9444)
RONALD GRANT Silver Hammered BeakersLondon 1971
Britannia Standard
Diameter: 6cm

 Dr. Ronald Grant was a medical practioner whose interest in silver began after World War II, when, in the impoverished state of early marriage, he and his wife decided to have one luxury; to eat with silver spoons and forks. He spent 10 years in the forces and hospital practice which was followed by 30 years mainly in general practice, always with an eye on research. In the late 1960's he realised his desire to drink from silver tumblers and beakers was too expensive and so started to make his own. He retired in 1980 and "As a complete contrast to all that full time medical work, on retirement I ventured into the World of Art by signing on at Carlisle College of Art (now University of Cumbria) in early 1980. That summer I went for a fortnight's course to the art school at Marlborough College; an interesting but sometimes frustrating exercise with much more positive teaching than at Carlisle. He lectured to The Silver Society in October 1991 on 'Drawback and Smuggling' and published an article on it in the Silver Journal volume 4 page 131 in the Autumn 1993 edition. He entered his mark in Edinburgh in 1992 and made pieces of silver as a hobby. Ronald was a member of the Silver Society and wrote an article 'The Ireby Cup' for The Finial, December 1994