All over the world are settled people of Scottish descent, and the austerity and simple tastes of the Scotsman are brought to notice by their earliest craftsmen.The most definitely Scottish of all articles is the Quaich. The name is derived from the Gaelic CUACH Cup, and was primarily a highland drinking vessel for whisky or brandy. Originally turned in wood with silver strippings or bands, it was but a short step for the Scottish Silversmith to make the whole Quaich in silver. It is distinguished by its two handles, known as lugs, and made in a variety of sizes, from the smallest for drinking to the larger for ceremonial use.They make a great unusual present 
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R E Stone Silver Quaich for Asprey
London 1937

Asprey and Co
Fascimile signature R E Stone

Width: 13cm
Diameter: 9 cm
Weight: 65 gms

£ 220.00
Silver Quaich
London 1923
Searle & Co

Diameter: 11.5 cm
Height: 4.5 cm
Width including handles : 17 cm

£ 250.00
Silver Quaiches
Newly made silver quaiches 
Fully Hallmarked Silver 

5" (13cm)Weight: 315g

6" (15cm)Weight: 385g

Please email/cxall for current price and avaiablity

Silver Quaiches
Newly made quiches 
Fully Hallmarked Silver

3½" (9cm)Weight: 140g

4" (10cm)Weight: 150g

Please email/call for current price and availability