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Don Porritt

Don Porritt was an apprentice jeweller, silversmith and diamond-mounter before studying silversmithing and engraving at Leeds College of Art where he won 5 design awards, including 2 from the Royal Society of Arts. He later lectured here in Industrial Design for many years. He set up his own workshop in 1964 and has exhibited widely including Goldsmiths' Hall, the U.S. and Europe. His commissions include many important sporting trophies. He believes the ultimate challenge of the silversmith is to create a unique sculptural form while maintaining the expressive inner content of the piece.The vibrancy of rivers, rapids, cascades and the fluidity of water in its many moods are the collective inspiration for these experimental pieces of modern domestic silverwork. Flasks, flagons, jugs, bowls and other vessels are created by a combination of innovative piercing, seaming and overlap techniques which impart a flowing, dynamic quality to each piece. The surface detailing and texture of the finished designs evolve in a natural manner directly from their process of construction.
DON PORRITT Cast Silver Caddy Spoon
Sheffield Hallmark

See The Goldsmiths' Company Video to see Don making this with a Cuttlefish Bone mould for casting

£ 220.00

Don Porritt
Sheffield 2002

Diamond Jubilee Hall Mark

Large: 23.5 cm 

Smaller: 21.5 cm  


Silver Box
A recent commission by Don PorrittClick image to enlarge
Silver Jug
Height: 23.5cm
Weight: 22 oz

The body of the jug is constructed of two main sections. The front, with its strong curvilinear profiled edge and flowing, wire emphasis - is backed by a repoussé formed rear element. The dynamic wire feature is an essential constructional detail - the repoussé rear section is profiled to fit the front at this juncture - and also fits underneath the wire to guarantee a sound seam between the two body elements. (The flowing shaped wire is not just an applied decorative feature). The handle is hollow and a four piece construction.