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Tea Knives

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Silver Tea Knives
Sheffield 1911
Length: 16.5cm

£ 69.00
x GERALD BENNEY 6 Silver 'GUILD' Tea Knives
Sheffield 1966

15 cm

Unused new ex-shop stock - tucked away for over 50 years

'GUILD' Pattern silver cutlery designed by GERALD BENNEY while he was consultant designer at Viners of Sheffield from 1959-1969

All hallmarked Sheffield 1966-67 and come in original storage cutlery rolls and card boxes

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£ 125.00
y GERALD BENNEY Silver 'GUILD' Tea Knives
Sheffield 1966

Made by Viners
Designed by Gerald Benney

Length: 12 cm

Gerald Benney was consultant designer at Viner from 1959-1969

Original cutlery rolls

£ 98.00